Arrington Interviews Paul Buchheit

Michael Arrington has interviewed Paul Buchheit the FriendFeed co-founder.   This video gives some insight into the fate of FriendFeed.   FriendFeed was purchased recently by Facebook and the status of the small social network has been uncertain.

The FriendFeed community has been shocked and worried at first but seems to have rebounded with more optimism as of late.  This post by Louis Gray a prominent FriendFeed user had eased my fear and pessimism.

This interview although posing more questions and uncertainly does give this FriendFeed user a reason to have “a bit” more hope for FriendFeed’s future.

My FriendFeed Stats Top 10

After recently being LouisGrayed, my subscriber numbers have increased. For the new subscribers if you want to know what I am up to you can find me on FriendFeed. Mike Fruchter recently posted an image of his FriendFeed stats and I appeared as the one who found him most interesting.

Below is an Image of my FriendFeed Stats:


Mike Fruchter posted overnight “10 people you should follow on Friendfeed.”  I appeared as #5 on his list.  I am happy to say he is one better at #4 on my list.


I checked my stats (see above) and found that he was the top result in those that found me interesting.  I will try to post these stats around once a month to see how they change.

Find Me on FriendFeed – Franklin Pettit

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