Introducing Product Recommendations from

As an early adopter and tech enthusiast I am often questioned by friends, neighbors, and the occasional stranger at the big box store to recommend a product.  The choices in consumer electronics can be overwhelming. looks to make product recommendations pure and simple.  The site is co-founded by  Caleb Elston of Toluu.  This new project was born out of the need to help people pick the right items from those big box stores.

Caleb says,

“(We) were inspired by how often we have friends and family contact us asking for recommendations for tvs, cameras, or speakers.”

Simple is the name of the game for  Caleb and his co-founder and friend Jordan look

“to take the clutter out of electronics buying.”

The site is simple.  Go to the Kallow home page.  Pick a product and there will be one recommendation that you can not go wrong with.  One product in that category that Caleb and Jordan have personally tested and recommend.

Kallow seems to be all about simplicity.   The recommendations are not based upon price or platform.  The recommendations are personal.   Check out Kallow it is live now.  I will be keeping an eye on this one to see it grow and change.

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