Embed FriendFeed Real-Time on Your Blog

Did you know you could embed your Real-Time FriendFeed view on your blog? I didn’t but this has been available for some time. The following is my real-time FriendFeed view.

This will become a integrated part of my FriendFeed page.

Here’s how to do it. This is done by embedding an iFrame. I am still not sure an iFrame is functionality but it is cool.

To embed your Real-Time goto http://friendfeed.com/YourUsername/friends/realtime where your username is your username. Then Click the The embed in WebPage button. Try it out.

Is An IFrame Integration?

What constitutes real integration and what is just silly? Integration to provide additional functionality is great. But my question is that really being done. The following are 3 examples using 3 different methods of so called integration all using iframes.

Readburner recently released an update that combines Google Reader into the ReadBurner site. It is being called Google Reader integration. It is actually no more than a tab with an iframe for the google reader site.
As I said before I am using FFapps.com to expand the FriendFeed functionality. One of the Greasemonkey scripts they have released is called FF Tabs. It adds a tab to FriendFeed called Techmeme and when clicked on simply embeds Techmeme into FriendFeed as an IFrame.
The third is a bookmarklet I read about today on Louis Gray’s blog that combines Google Reader into friendfeed via simple bookmarklet. When FriendFeed is open you click the bookmarklet and Google Reader is pulled in.

Readburner coded this iframe as functionality into their site, the second is a user created Greasemonkey script, and the third example is a user generated bookmarklet all created to add functionality via IFrame.

We all use tabbed browsers correct? What are we really gaining? I always have multiple tabs opens that include Google Reader and FriendFeed. Are these IFrames true functionality? I would say NO. They are nice but not really that helpful.

I am all for true innovation and integration this just is not it.