The HTML Fieldset

This is just a quick post about something I learned the other day. Do you learn everyday on the internet? I do. I thought I would share something very simple that some bloggers might want to use.

What is an HTML fieldset and why would you want to know? W3schools defines a the fieldset element as follows:

“The fieldset element draws a box around its containing elements.”

This is a fieldset:

Text In Fieldset

Example Fieldset:

What is good for? Does it kind of look like a VB frame? Possible uses could be as a text accent, a text format, or most commonly at the bottom of a blog post for related items. Many bloggers use plugins to generate a list of related posts.

The code for the fieldset is simple. Here is the code for the example above:

<legend>Example Fieldset:</legend>
Text in Fieldset

See I told you it was simple. Now fieldsets like almost any piece of HTML can be formatted with CSS. You can format the box any way you like. But I will not discuss that here. Let’s keep it simple.

If you want to add a box at the bottom of your post a list of links the Fieldset should do the trick.

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