Forget the Blogging Formulas

Write what you want to because the rest is bologna” was a post I wrote about breaking the blogging formulas.  This is a followup post to make a different point.

Forget the blogging formulas.  Blogging is not an exact science.  That is why we are all different.  As human beings there are no 2 bloggers who write exactly the same. Writing / Blogging is an expression of one’s thoughts and ideas.  Some bloggers are good at it and some are not.

I read a post today from CopyBlogger titled “3 Things to Consider When Deciding How Long Your Blog Posts Should Be.”  There are no three things to consider when determining the length of your blog post.  The CopyBlogger post listed “TONE, POSTING FREQUENCY, and POSTING SCHEDULE” as the three things to consider.

I could not disagree more with the Copyblogger post.

Formulaic Consistency

The three things suggested seem to center around creating a consistency for your blog.  Consistency in posting, in style and topic, and in posting schedule.

If I read 100 feeds in my feed reader I do not expect consistency from all posts of the blogs I read. I like the fact that when I open Google Reader I will get a new post with a different take.  I do not expect consistency and really do not desire it.  I like variety, new, and different content from the same sources.

Consistency is one of the formulaic things that can limit content.   I want fresh content.  I want fresh ideas.  I want bloggers that I read to write when and what they want to.

Blogging Motivation

Another problem I have with the CopyBlogger post is there are not 3 things to consider when determining post length.  Blogging with a blogging formula seems to me to be a misplacement of motivation for writing.

Why do you blog?  Who is your blogging for?  Do you blog only for SEO?

I do not think content should be geared solely around SEO.  What will my readers like? What will be popular?  What is relevant for post success?  Those are questions that are not valid to me.

Forget the blogging formulas.  Are you blogging because you like to write or is there some other purpose?

The only thing I consider when writing a blog post is did I get my point across.  Do I need more words to express the point of the post?  If the answer is “Yes” then I continue to write and if the answer is “No” I am finished.

Mythical Blogging Rules

The CopyBlogger post stated:

“Many bloggers are afraid of breaking the “rules” because they want to succeed so bad. Conformism is a social more many are afraid to break across many spectrums; not just in business. But, sometimes success comes when you break all the rules.”

I agree in part.  You will be successful when you come to the realization that there are no rules.  The “rules” are a myth.

Forget the Blogging Formulas.  Write what you want when you want because the rest is just bologna.