Introducing Product Recommendations from

As an early adopter and tech enthusiast I am often questioned by friends, neighbors, and the occasional stranger at the big box store to recommend a product.  The choices in consumer electronics can be overwhelming. looks to make product recommendations pure and simple.  The site is co-founded by  Caleb Elston of Toluu.  This new project was born out of the need to help people pick the right items from those big box stores.

Caleb says,

“(We) were inspired by how often we have friends and family contact us asking for recommendations for tvs, cameras, or speakers.”

Simple is the name of the game for  Caleb and his co-founder and friend Jordan look

“to take the clutter out of electronics buying.”

The site is simple.  Go to the Kallow home page.  Pick a product and there will be one recommendation that you can not go wrong with.  One product in that category that Caleb and Jordan have personally tested and recommend.

Kallow seems to be all about simplicity.   The recommendations are not based upon price or platform.  The recommendations are personal.   Check out Kallow it is live now.  I will be keeping an eye on this one to see it grow and change.

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Turkey day isn’t quite here yet where I live.  But, as I type, my sweet 2.5 year olds are in the kitchen with their mother making sugar cookies.  Turkeys, apples, acorns, leaves, and pumpkins are the shapes being enthusiastically cut out of sweet confectionary goodness by excited daughters.

I am home for the holiday and loving every minute of it.  I truly have much to be thankful for.   I need to run take pictures of the event.  But I just wanted to quickly post to say…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Post Worthy

As a blogger do you hold yourself to a posting standard?  The blogs about blogging would certainly say so. 

I have always thought the blogs about blogging amusing.  You know which ones I mean.  The blogs that tell you what, when, and how to write, be successful and oh yeah get rich from your blog. 

Yeah you know which ones I am talking about.  Those sites that discuss how to make money on your blog and give out pointers are some of the only blogs actually making money.

So my theory slash tip slash advice would be for someone that wants to make money on their blog should totally give advice about how to make money on your blog.

But anyway I totally digress.  This post I called “Post Worthy.”

As a blogger do you hold yourself to a posting standard?  Should you?  Is there a quality or threshold for content before it hits your blog?

My answer has and always will be the same.  Whatever makes You happy.  A blog should be about you first and foremost.  I blog when I want, about what I choose, when I can.   

Forget the blogging formulas, and write when and what you want

But, back to post worthy.  Is  it worth it to post drivel? Should you post for the sake of posting? 

Yes and No.  The answers are relative. 

Yeah not sure this post is worthy.

Starting Over

The Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue

StartSmall I have been extremely busy with work and life over the past few months.  I have learned from others mistakes that blogging about work is just simply not a good idea. 

I do not intend for that to change.  However, I am excited to be technically unemployed this weekend.  I have left one company where I was a software developer for over 6 and 1/2 years to join a the staff of a college as a programmer. 

Life changes like changing jobs are a big deal.  A job change is a big decision certainly not made lightly.  The new job begins Monday and so does a new chapter in my life.

With the new job will come new experience and new topics for this blog.  Defining the scope and and focus with which to write for a blogger is important.  Blog readers want at least some idea of the topics which may be covered. 

Some of the new topics may include .NET and more posts about web development.  But as always I will write what and when I want

To sum up this post I will simply say; I am here and this blog is not dead.

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Is The Sky Falling?

The sky is falling
The sky is falling

Is the sky falling? The main stream press and my favorite blogs have come to the same apparent conclusion; The sky is falling. But I agree with Mark Dykeman. Now is the time to be calm and not to panic.

In fact as I posted on FriendFeed the other day, I believe,

“The market is down but the sky is not falling. Many economic factors have converged to be fueled by greed and an election year. 2009 will be great. There is no reason for despair. Undervalued, undervalued, undervalued. Things will go back up. Our future is bright and our economy is resilient.”

There is plenty of cause for concern and despair is all around us. The world economy is flailing, we are in a war with no end in sight, there is an energy crisis, and a fuel shortage.

Despite the outlook I am optimistic. Our country has a storied albeit short history of being resilient, strong, and courageous in times of crisis.

Where has our optimism gone? Perhaps it will return on November 5th. Regardless of the election’s outcome I believe the current problems are exacerbated by an election year.

The future is bright. I look for 2009 to be a great year. In the meantime I will keep looking up at the sky but I am sure it is not falling.

P.S. I promised on FriendFeed last week that I would begin posting again. I have several posts in the works and will get them out soon.

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