Real Estate Agent Search –

I am selling my home. Long story short – my wife gave birth to twins just over 2 years ago and as a result we are quickly running out of space.

So we are selling our home. So I have been delving into Real Estate Web 2.0 lately.

So in the weeks to come I will mention some of the tools that I am actually using to search realtors and listings. is a Real Estate Agent Search engine. It is not a brand new site but new to me. From the about page:

“Homethinking is an online service that helps home owners choose the most remarkable neighborhood real estate agents to sell their house. We measure performance by monitoring real estate transactions to know which houses each real estate agent has sold, for how much and how long on average it took them to do so. There are also user reviews by home owners who have sold their house with the particular agent that helps determine the rank of them.”

The homepage is clean and allows you to quickly browse by state and city. It then displays all the agents in that city/area. I then could easily browse the agents in my city alphabetically by last name. I quickly found my agent.

The display shows my agents average sale price per home , the high sale price, and the low sale price.

Two tables are displayed additionally on the agent page. On the left it shows me all houses sold by the agent in the last couple of years.

On the right I can also see all houses being listed by the agent including asking price.

During the agent search it boasts the following:

“Tracking 1,520,018 Real Estate Agent Profiles 5,538,707 Total Transactions 1684 This Month”

That is a lot of agents. I checked out several of agent search sites but this one was the best for my area. Check it out. Link