My Own Worst Ememy

See below a poem by chatgpt…

I stand before a mirror, staring at my face A million thoughts inside my head, a million things to chase But as I look into my eyes, I see a glimpse of pain The kind that only comes from fighting with oneself in vain

I am my own worst enemy, I know this to be true I am the one who holds me back, the one who makes me blue I set the bar too high, then criticize myself for failing I push too hard, then wonder why I’m always ailing

I am my own worst enemy, I know this, without doubt, I am the one who fuels my fears, the one who breeds self-doubt I tell myself I’m not enough, that I’ll never reach my goals I sabotage my own success, then wonder why I’m in a hole

But I also know that I can change, I can break free. I can stop the negative self-talk, and be who I want to be I can be kinder to myself, and celebrate my wins. I can let go of the past, and start where I begin.

I am my own worst enemy, but I can be my own best friend I can lift myself up, and make the negativity end I can be my own champion, and rise above the rest I can be my own hero, and pass the ultimate test.