Stop Posting Bad Photos

I am trying something new with this post. I am going to post short not complete thoughts. This is more about recording them for myself. I could post them on social media but then I might get comments and opinions from others. In this case, I am not interested in others’ opinions.

Why do people post such bad photos on social media? And then why do people comment on them and say they are good? Can they not see the photo is poorly composed and out of focus? Can they not see the other moving people or ugly objects in the background? Can they not see that the photo casts their loved ones in a poor light?

We all have cameras in our pockets, but that does not make us photographers.

My 3 tips for better photos for anyone are:

  1. Composition – Make sure only the subjects you want are in the photo. Look in the background, if it’s busy or unattractive, ask the subjects to move. Walk forward, step back, move side to side, but frame your photo before you take it.
  2. Focus – Take multiple pictures, click the screen of your phone to set the auto-focus on your subjects, hold your breath when taking a photo, and hold your arm as still as possible. Then choose the best of multiple shots to use for your social media.
  3. Lighting – Phone cameras have come along way but low light situations are still a challenge. Try to take photos outdoors whenever possible. Be aware of where the lights are located indoors. Moving 45-90 degrees and taking the same indoor shot may make a huge difference.

Finally, please do not post bad photos on social media. I realize you are going to do that anyway but please do not tag me. 🙂