Microsoft Mystery & The Intrigue of Innovation

I am intrigued today over Robert Scoble’s latest posting.  He interviewed 2 guys from Microsoft about a new product they are developing.  He was amazed and even shed a tear during the demo.  No details but it should be released by the end of February.  Scoble promised to have a vid up on his new site FastCompany.TV by March 3.

I am not a Microsoft hater and never have been.  If the product is that dramatic as Scoble seems to indicate good for Microsoft.  Despite their faults they have been innovative over the years.  Sometimes that is forgotten.  Scoble points out that a small team created this “mystery project.”

Innovation is exciting and the prospect of something new is intriguing.  Scoble has built my anticipation and I will now daily search Google News for any details.

Here we go again

jump2.jpgI’ve tried this before but here I go again. I have had a photoblog, a regular blog, and a link blog. None of which I managed to regularly update. It really is all about content. I have recently joined forces with the KnightKnetwork a co-worker of mine. He had been posting a few tech articles on it but at the most about 1 per day. He had gotten a little traction on Digg and so as an experiment more than anything I asked if I could begin helping him. With just added quality content we quickly doubled the number of page views he was receiving. We also set a record day by the second day. We are working to keep it up to improve his Alexa score. If you want to monetize a blog the Alexa score is not everything but it is a metric that can help.