Do you need to turn? When did you take a turn? Left or Right? Forward not back. You may have noticed this blog has turned. Well if anyone read this blog they would notice a turn. This revisit to blogging has and will take a turn.

It’s my blog and I will do what I want. This has been a technology-focused blog. But, it’s more about what I am thinking, what interests me. I tagged it poorly many years ago. Accurately but not clever. “Tech, life, and stuff” the original tagline will remain but more of the stuff category.

If you do turn look for light. Darkness consumed someone I knew yesterday. The end was senseless. It saddens me. But, I am filled with light and that makes all the difference. Find the light of the world. If the darkness consumes you get help.

Starting Over

The Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue

StartSmall I have been extremely busy with work and life over the past few months.  I have learned from others mistakes that blogging about work is just simply not a good idea. 

I do not intend for that to change.  However, I am excited to be technically unemployed this weekend.  I have left one company where I was a software developer for over 6 and 1/2 years to join a the staff of a college as a programmer. 

Life changes like changing jobs are a big deal.  A job change is a big decision certainly not made lightly.  The new job begins Monday and so does a new chapter in my life.

With the new job will come new experience and new topics for this blog.  Defining the scope and and focus with which to write for a blogger is important.  Blog readers want at least some idea of the topics which may be covered. 

Some of the new topics may include .NET and more posts about web development.  But as always I will write what and when I want

To sum up this post I will simply say; I am here and this blog is not dead.

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