Firefox How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count My Add-Ons

Foxkeh Mozilla annouced today that FireFox 3 Download day was a success.  A world record was set with 8,002,530 downloads in a 24 hour period.

The much hyped download day was not without its problems as we remember.  But the record was set and FireFox 3 is great.

If you do not use FireFox click the button above and download it now.  I will admit I was a little late to the FireFox party.  Although probably still qualifying as an early adopter I did hesitate switching from IE.

The reason to switch is addons.  The FireFox wealth of browser extensions make it the must use browser for Windows.

The following is my everyday list of addons that I run.  If I had to pick one and only one it would be Tab Mix Plus.  I can not run FireFox without it. Tab Mix Plus gives you total control over your Tab behavior.

Here is my list of the current addons I am running.  Info Lister does a great job of listing the extensions and plugins you have installed.  As a result it was very easy to produce this list.

I love FireFox 3 but unfortunately some of my favorite extensions from the list have not been updated yet.  FireFox without the extensions is still a great browser but the addons make it the only one I ever use.

Zemanta Pixie

FriendFeed Apps

Loving FriendFeed Apps and the greasemonkey scripts that are being produced. If you are a FriendFeed user this site is a must. I am currently using:

  • Tabs – add custom FriendFeed tabs and never leave the site again!”
  • Show Domains – displays the domain name of all shared links”
  • TinyURL Resolver – enables one-click instant inline preview of TinyURL links that show up on FriendFeed”

They also have other scripts as well. If you are not trying greasemonkey scripts for FriendFeed I highly recommend that you try them out. Link