Editors: Windows Live Writer, Darkroom, & Notepad++

I downloaded Windows Live Writer for the first time about 1 month ago. I am really loving it. It is a solid little application. I wish there was a portable apps version I could run off a flash drive.

The other day I read a great article by Sarah Perez on ReadWriteWeb titled “Info Overload: What Can We Do?” She discusses eliminating distractions. Here is an excerpt:

“Want to eliminate your distractions, it’s easy. Disable email alerts. Exit Twitter, sign out of IM or set yourself as “busy.” Trying to write? Launch Darkroom, Notepad, or Windows Live Writer. Then just work…in peace.”

As a programmer I use many different editors but still use Windows Notepad every single day. Although I like Notepad++ a lot. Link.

I had honestly never heard of Darkroom but quickly downloaded it as well. I liked that fact that it was a standalone executable nothing to install. Lean and mean. It does require the .NET framework 2.0.

The mention of Windows Live Writer reminded of two things: the technical preview version of Windows Live Writer I recently read about and a great article by Steven Hodson of WinExtra listing his 5 favorite add-ons for Writer.

If you have not tried Windows Live Writer I highly recommend trying out the technical preview.

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