History Of The Web

In the beginning, all was dark and void,
But then came Tim, with a brilliant idea to employ,
He crafted a web, for all to enjoy,
A network of links, for knowledge to deploy.

The first website was born, a humble start,
But soon more followed, like a work of art,
People shared ideas, and knowledge did impart,
The web grew stronger, a force to take part.

The dot-com boom came, with businesses aplenty,
The web had grown, with wealth and fame aplenty,
But then came the burst, and many went empty,
The web remained, a tool for all, not just the wealthy.

Web 2.0 came, with social media in tow,
People connected, and their voice they did avow,
Sharing pictures, thoughts, and ideas, they did espouse,
The web had grown, a platform for the people, not just the elite house.

Now the web is a part of our daily lives,
We rely on it for information, for connections, for our strive,
It has changed the way we live, work and thrive,
The web, a tool for progress, for the future to arrive.