There are around 171,476 words in the English language according to Google. How many do you use?

Words are powerful. This so-called information age overwhelms us with words. Words filled with passion, words filled with hate, words filled with confusion, words overwhelming us, words comforting us, too few words of kindness, compassion, and actual love.

I see people searching for words of truth.

Even these statements are just words. The Bible warned us about our tongues and the danger that would lie ahead.

What words can change someones mind? What words matter? Will anyone listen?

My business is tech, the information flow overwhelms, surrounds, disappoints.

How do we tame this tidal wave of humanity’s hubris? The capture of this beast that is our own vanity, our own strength, the manifestation of our prideful urge to be heard.

I have no answers other than the one who is.