Embed FriendFeed Real-Time on Your Blog

Did you know you could embed your Real-Time FriendFeed view on your blog? I didn’t but this has been available for some time. The following is my real-time FriendFeed view.

This will become a integrated part of my FriendFeed page.

Here’s how to do it. This is done by embedding an iFrame. I am still not sure an iFrame is functionality but it is cool.

To embed your Real-Time goto http://friendfeed.com/YourUsername/friends/realtime where your username is your username. Then Click the The embed in WebPage button. Try it out.

2 thoughts on “Embed FriendFeed Real-Time on Your Blog”

  1. Am I crazy or have they removed this functionality? The widget just isn't the same thing.

    Also, how did you style your feed?


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