Rinsing My Bad Taste for FriendFeed

FriendFeedI love FriendFeed do not get me wrong.   I mean it is the premier life-streaming service.  I have tried others and found them all lacking.  FriendFeed is a great place of news, research, and generally friendly smart ideas.

But, over the last few months I found myself participating less and less.  The bad taste I gained for FriendFeed still lingers.  These negative feelings arose in the weeks preceding election day.

FriendFeed was not friendly.  It was totally pro one candidate.  Dissenting opinions were not only frowned upon but some users were verbally abused by the herd.

The abuse was even supported by members of the frienderati pushing their political views.

You know how when you see celebrities on television at some awards show being very political just because they can.   These celebrities have no more intelligence or insight than you or I.  The person with the spotlight simply pushes their own agenda or beliefs.

The Frienderati acted in the same way.  They decided that since they were popular they would use FriendFeed as a platform to push personal political views at the expense of whoever disagreed.

That practice is not Friendly.    That I believe is blatant abuse of the service.

Look just because you are popular does not make you God’s gift to politics or God himself.  Opinions as we know are like arm pits, we all have them and they all stink.

I will not name the Frienderati members fearing backlash.  I do not wish to start a meme.

I have been back on FriendFeed post election from time to time.   But, unfortunately the bad taste is lingering.  Every social network ever formed has changed over time.  The bloom goes off the proverbial rose eventually.

FriendFeed is a great product used by many friendly smart people.  The bad apples made this user take a step back.

The purpose of this post is to clear the air.  To rinse the bad feelings away.  I have been back to FriendFeed lately and find it relevant, fun, and just as lighthearted as I remembered.

FriendFeed is again the friendly place for news and information.  I will just remember to take off around August of an election year and return in December.

Merry Christmas and see you on FriendFeed!

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5 thoughts on “Rinsing My Bad Taste for FriendFeed”

  1. I couldn't agree with you more – it wasn't that i didn't want to hear differing political views either. If ff had been a place of conversation I would have been happy to read and engage – but it wasn't. It was one-sided, out of context, politically charged ProBama land. I had a mutual respect for both candidates but that view was held by few others i got tired of blocking people and just gave up for a while, I couldn't stand it (the same reason I don't watch Fox News). I've dipped my foot back in, maybe I'll plunge in with the new year.

  2. I share your distaste for political zealotry; I don't know that FriendFeed itself can be blamed for that though. Over the past few decades, politics has become more and more divisive – To the point where I only participate in it with trusted people. It's not that the “trusted” ones share my viewpoint – it's much more fun if they don't – it's just that I can trust them to not take my differing viewpoint as a sign of idiocy, or an affront to their intellect. Of course, that courtesy is reciprocated. So, online discussions about political, religious, or “best operating system”? No thanks.

  3. Franklin – I was turned off to FF (and social networks in general) during this period as well. It was difficult, but I made it pretty well known that I was going 'apolitical' on the web at that time. I respect all of those that fought hard for their candidates and never held it against any of them, but I think, in many cases, it became unnecessarily ugly and I didn't want any part of it. No regrets here. Glad you're back and would love to see you blog more and join us on Frienderati.alltop.com !

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