Post Worthy

As a blogger do you hold yourself to a posting standard?  The blogs about blogging would certainly say so. 

I have always thought the blogs about blogging amusing.  You know which ones I mean.  The blogs that tell you what, when, and how to write, be successful and oh yeah get rich from your blog. 

Yeah you know which ones I am talking about.  Those sites that discuss how to make money on your blog and give out pointers are some of the only blogs actually making money.

So my theory slash tip slash advice would be for someone that wants to make money on their blog should totally give advice about how to make money on your blog.

But anyway I totally digress.  This post I called “Post Worthy.”

As a blogger do you hold yourself to a posting standard?  Should you?  Is there a quality or threshold for content before it hits your blog?

My answer has and always will be the same.  Whatever makes You happy.  A blog should be about you first and foremost.  I blog when I want, about what I choose, when I can.   

Forget the blogging formulas, and write when and what you want

But, back to post worthy.  Is  it worth it to post drivel? Should you post for the sake of posting? 

Yes and No.  The answers are relative. 

Yeah not sure this post is worthy.

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