The HTML Fieldset

This is just a quick post about something I learned the other day. Do you learn everyday on the internet? I do. I thought I would share something very simple that some bloggers might want to use.

What is an HTML fieldset and why would you want to know? W3schools defines a the fieldset element as follows:

“The fieldset element draws a box around its containing elements.”

This is a fieldset:

Text In Fieldset

Example Fieldset:

What is good for? Does it kind of look like a VB frame? Possible uses could be as a text accent, a text format, or most commonly at the bottom of a blog post for related items. Many bloggers use plugins to generate a list of related posts.

The code for the fieldset is simple. Here is the code for the example above:

<legend>Example Fieldset:</legend>
Text in Fieldset

See I told you it was simple. Now fieldsets like almost any piece of HTML can be formatted with CSS. You can format the box any way you like. But I will not discuss that here. Let’s keep it simple.

If you want to add a box at the bottom of your post a list of links the Fieldset should do the trick.

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4 thoughts on “The HTML Fieldset”

  1. Interesting tip, Franklin. Like you, I like learning and do it every day…

    Using Firefox 3, and while I can see the fieldset on your blog – it doesn't come through in my Google Reader.

  2. I do not know for sure but I bet it has something to do with Google Reader's
    CSS or how Feedburner creates my feed. The Fieldset isn't a perfect
    solution I just like the simplicity of the coding.

  3. I think the most exciting part about fieldsets is that they make web forms much more user-friendly. This is especially important if you care about people with disabilities who browse your site. Fieldsets make your site easier to work with and therefore must be used in any form that has more than 6-8 elements.

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