Tip: Email Address Of Disqus Commenter

I have been using Disqus for comments for about 1 month. I really love it so far. The WordPress plugin was quick and easy to install. I have had absolutely no problems with it.

One thing I could not figure out was if the commenter’s email address was accessible. David over at the KnightKnetwork hunted around and found out that on the Dashboard view of your Disqus profile each comment has an Admin button.

Click the admin button and the email address and IP address of the commenter are revealed.

I love Disqus but here are my top 2 feature requests.

  • I would love for Disqus to intergrate with FriendFeed
  • I would like to be notified of a reply to a comment I made even if it is not on my blog.

Disqus is great keep up the good work.

5 thoughts on “Tip: Email Address Of Disqus Commenter”

  1. 1. What do you mean by integration? Your comments show up on your feed already. Was there something else you had in mind?

    2. There's an option for this in the e-mail settings I think mine was defaulted to on.

    Something else I found when digging for that setting that I'm really going to take advantage of are these two fun facts:
    You can reply to the email notification to post your reply as a comment.
    If you are a moderator, reply with “delete” to remove the comment.

  2. By integration I mean comments in FriendFeed on a blog post posting back to the original post. They are doing this with MyBlogLog. I would like to see this for FriendFeed as well.

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