Toluu Invites

Toluu the new beta RSS sharing site is currently in private beta. Never heard of it? Check out this ReadWriteWeb article. I have some invites if interested. Leave a comment with your email if you want one.

Update 06/13/2008: Toluu is gaining alot of momentum. The latest enhancements are great. For more about the founder Caleb Elston go here. I have 25 invites. Leave a comment if you want one.

26 thoughts on “Toluu Invites”

  1. Hi Franklin,

    Thanks for mentioning Toluu to your readers! Please let me know if you need any more invites.

    Also, if you have any suggestions for ways we could improve the site please let me know.


  2. Hi from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I am in the Higher Education world and I would love a toluu invite.

  3. I just discovered Toluu and it is exactly what some friends and I have been doing via email for the past year! This seems like it would be far easier and I would love an invite!

    my email is cafourek [at]

    Thanks in advance!

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