Where blog posts go to die?

This is not interesting. A blog with no posts. How about a blog with post titles but no posts. I currently have 8 drafts saved. But none are complete posts. Could a post title be interesting on its own? Probably not. I have a really good in depth long post 60% done titled “The Crease of A Map.” Over the course of my non blogging I have come up with many post ideas. Ideas on napkins, ideas on post its, and ideas on paper. But, no posts. Perhaps I have just diagnosed a blogging syndrome. See look I just came up with another idea for a post. “Web Disease – Blogging Syndromes.” Sounds great will it ever get written probably not.

I do read feeds everyday. If only there was an easier quicker way to generate a linked post for everyday. 10 minutes. I want to spend 10 minutes and show the links and stories that were the most important to me that day. I just came up with another idea for a post. Help Me Blog Google Reader Help Me Blog!!!!

So this has taken about 10 minutes and it is around 9:00 in the east. More later…