HowTo: Use your USB Bluetooth headset to listen to your MP3 player

So I have a USB bluetooth headset. I am a coder. I sit at at a desk all day with the headphones on. The headphones are Bluetooth. I have a USB adapter for the computer. I listen to my MP3s on the computer all day everyday. Up till now I switch headphones to listen to my MP3. But, no longer. Now I am using one bluetooth set of headphones. But only one set. I took a simple male to male 1/8 inch audio cable and hooked one end into my MP3 playerand the other end into my computer’s MIC jack. This dell PC has a MIC jack on the front of the PC. I could have easily used the AUX (line in) on the sound card in the back but the front MIC jack was just convenient. Then in Windows it was just a matter of enabling (unmuting) the MIC in Volume control in Control panel. I pop on my headphones and I am good to go. The added benefit is I can play the MP3 player and the MUSIC from the computer at the same time and control each volume independently. Why would you want to do this you may ask? Well I listen to instrumental music most of the time. I like classical film scores. John Williams, Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer, etc. Anyway I can listen to a great podcast as I code and still have the classical music as background to the Podcast. Acutally this can be very entertaining. I recently have been listening to the latest TWIT and BOL with the Lord of Rings soundtrack behind them. But to each there own.

Microsoft Mystery & The Intrigue of Innovation

I am intrigued today over Robert Scoble’s latest posting.  He interviewed 2 guys from Microsoft about a new product they are developing.  He was amazed and even shed a tear during the demo.  No details but it should be released by the end of February.  Scoble promised to have a vid up on his new site FastCompany.TV by March 3.

I am not a Microsoft hater and never have been.  If the product is that dramatic as Scoble seems to indicate good for Microsoft.  Despite their faults they have been innovative over the years.  Sometimes that is forgotten.  Scoble points out that a small team created this “mystery project.”

Innovation is exciting and the prospect of something new is intriguing.  Scoble has built my anticipation and I will now daily search Google News for any details.